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Pak-A-Sak is the retail division of Jay Petroleum, Inc., founded in 1959 by current chairman of the board Jim Peterson.  Jim began his career in the petroleum industry in 1952 as an employee of the Standard Oil Company.  It was during these early years on his tank wagon delivery route throughout east central Indiana, that Jim developed his interest in the oil business.

In 1988, Jim acquired sole ownership of Pak-A-Sak, and brought its operations under the umbrella of Jay Petroleum.  It was at this same time that Jim realized the future of his business looked brightest within the convenience industry.  As a result, he began to sell off the lubricants and automotive parts divisions to fund future growth in Pak-A-Sak.

Year Opened: 1965
703 West Monroe Street
Decatur IN 46733


Kim Silva, Local Manager
Ron Freeman
Local: 260-728-2986